www.lebaroquerestaurant.com | Le Baroque • Bar, Club & Festive restaurant in Geneva, trendy and modern I Mediterranean and Nikkei cuisine - Sushi & Ceviche
Restaurant Chic & élaboré situé à la rue du Rhône I Le Baroque Restaurant Genève
Restaurant Chic & élaboré situé à la rue du Rhône I Le Baroque Restaurant Genève
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There’s an exclusive new place in the Passage des Lions, a creator of precious moments.


The Baroque Restaurant returns, true to its origins, yet even more majestic.


By day, the outdoor terrace suspends time, a haven in the very centre of Geneva.


Bright bay windows and incredible lighting take turn in creating spectacular or softened light effects, while by night, a canopy of sparkling stars appear. It is then that the restaurant comes to life.


The Baroque Restaurant offers a wealth of wonderful discoveries: a winter garden, a floor for festive occasions, another more peaceful counterpart, and an outside terrace. Each space has its own distinctive atmosphere enhanced by beautiful materials: cast iron, drapes, leather, wood and mirrors inspired by the Far East, Asia, Europe and South America.


Executive Chef Morgan Bigot invites guests to partake in an explosion of flavours: Mediterranean, Peruvian, Japanese and Nikkei fusion in a journey designed for the most refined palates.


Festive poetry in and exclusive conviviality. Pure indulgence served with passion… The magic weaves its spell. The Baroque Restaurant sets the new tempo at the heart of Geneva.